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a collection of replicas of various items that let you experience GACKT's private side, in a super deluxe edition photo album and documentary book

collector’s edition

※the designs may vary.




A collection of a complete reprint version


A one-day-experience of GACKT in private, in one volume, including

・close-up shots in various private situations

・a private documentary of GACKT himself approaching the true face of Oshiro Gakuto

・celebrities that love GACKT talking about him

the first interview collection

・collectibles from GACKT’s past that have never been seen by anybody

The complete replica, precisely reprinted using state-of-the-art technology.


Volume Outlines

Published by:CSI Co., Ltd.

Dimensions:A4-sized(length 310mm / width 220mm / thickness 40mm / weight ca. 2kg)

No. of pages: ca. 160

No. of photos included:ca. 100

No. of treasure items:ca. 20

Binding:luxury quality binding / comes with a case / shrink wrap packaging


※ Kindly note that the content and release date may change depending on the respective circumstances.


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○ The G&LOVERS member special version comes with one clear file (B5 size) and an postcard of an unpublished shot as a benefit.

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『GACKT PLATINUM BOOK』private treasures(replica)details

○「GACKT Live Tour 2008-2009 Requiem et ReminiscenceⅡ ~Saisei to Kaigou~」。nostalgic tour backstage pass

○ national tour「GACKT LIVE TOUR 2013 BEST OF THE BEST ~XTASY~」set list

○「GACKT WORLD TOUR 2016 LAST VISUALIVE Saigou no Tsuki -LAST MOON- supported by Nestlé」microphone stand design drawing. GACKT’s unique idea!

○ music video script for「ARROW」。GACKT’s particular volume

○ colour paper with comments written down by GACKT

○ a handwritten letter to Golden Bomber’s Shō Kiryūin

○ inspection of his favourite cars. Lamborghini, McLaren, Jaguar, supercars only

○ Handwritten music. What song could it be?

○ GACKT’s passport and international driver’s license from his trips around the world

○ small vessel maneuvering license

○ certificate by the International Taekwondo Association of the Second Dan in Taekwondo. A certificate of GACKT’s efforts.

○ A monthly entitlement. GACKT’s playfulness

○ several photos of his home in Malaysia


A total of 20 items planned to be included!


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