"THA BA・LUE HEARTS Rakuensei Spring Rock~Seishi Wo Kakemasu,DoPPyuPyuu~" Pre-reservations for Overseas G&LOVERS Members Information


THE BA・LUE HEARTS Gakuen Seishun Rock ~Seishi Wo Kakemasu,DoPPyuPyuu~ ticket reservations for overseas G&LOVERS members.

The reservations must be made through SKIYAKI TICKET app service, so make sure to follow the application process below to reserve your tickets!

【Application Process】
② Download SKIYAKI TICKET App 
③ Sign up for the event 

※ SMS will be sent out to verify each applicants identity after applying for SKIYAKI ID. 
Make sure you have SMS enabled on your device.
※ Sign into the app from your iOS or Android device to confirm app installation after you receive your SMS confirmation. 
※ For those who do not have smartphones, contact us via the Inquiry Form below. 
【Inquiry Form】

▼Get your SKIYAKI ID here:

▼ Download app here: 
・For iPhone users:
・For Android users:

【For the Members】
This time the target audience is current members of G&LOVERS. 
※ For those who do not currently hold membership, you can still apply for your membership during the pre-reservation period. 
※ On the day of the show, those who have the QR code from the app, please check in at the Student Guidance Window to receive your ticket. "Make sure to wake me up. I'll give you a ticket" 
 ※ Please bring your membership ID and passport on the day of the show for identity confirmation! 

【Online Reservations Time Period】
Application Date: July 12th (Fri) 15:00pm (JST)〜 July 21th (Sun) 11:59pm (JST)
Result Announcements Date: July 25th (Thurs) 3:00pm (JST) 
Payment Due Date: July 25th (Thurs) 3:00pm (JST)  〜 July 29th (Mon) 11:59pm (JST) 
【THE BA・LUE HEARTS Gakuen Seishun Rock ~Seishi Wo Kakemasu,DoPPyuPyuu~ Tour Special】

October 6th (Sun) Sendai: Sendai Rensa  OPEN: 2:00pm START: 3:00pm 


October 6th (Sun) Sendai: Sendai Rensa  OPEN: 6:00pm START: 7:00pm 


October 11th (Fri) Tokyo: Shinjuku BLAZE OPEN: 2:00pm START: 3:00pm


October 11th (Fri) Tokyo: Shinjuku BLAZE OPEN: 6:00pm  START: 7:00pm 


October 20th (Sun) Osaka: Umeda Banana Hall OPEN: 2:00pm  START: 3:00pm 


October 20th (Sun) Osaka: Umeda Banana Hall OPEN: 6:00pm  START: 7:00pm 



Receipts for reserved tickets will be presented at the venue on the day of the show. 
Present the QR code you got from SKIYAKI TICKET to get the actual ticket. 


【Ticket Information】
Ticket Price: w/ tax 4,960yen (mole ●) Separate cost for drinks
Application Limit: max 4 per person 
Sendai, Tokyo, Osaka Shows: Al lstanding room only (according to ticket number)

 ※Tickets are required for children over the the age of 6. Children of pre-school age will not be allowed to enter the venue. 
※ There are NO nursing rooms.
※ There are NO locker rooms. 
※ School uniform or official jersey are a required dress code for the day of the show 
※ Membership certification or "Student Certification" services will not be available on the day of the show. 
【THE BA・LUE HEARTS Gakuen Seishun Rock ~Seishi Wo Kakemasu,DoPPyuPyuu~ 】
Check out the link below for more information:
Camui G school Information is periodically updated via the link below:
※For those who require a wheelchair during the show, from the day you get your ticket till the day before the show, fill out the application below: 
【Wheelchair Space Application Form
The venue doesn't have an elevator for disabled individuals, assigned staff will assist you when needed. 
Please take care! 
【THE BA・LUE HEARTS Event Information and Inquiries】


【For SKIYAKI TICKET Inquiries】